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The clock starts ticking as soon as the first termite moves onto your property and into the wood around your home’s foundation. First, a little perspective: during a termite queen’s 15 to 25 year life span, she’s capable of laying an egg around every 15 seconds.

This means that in a matter of a few years of the first step of an infestation, you can have a colony of 60,000 insects or more. How fast can a colony of this size break down the wood in your home? It takes about 5 months for even the smallest colonies to devour an entire 2″ by 4″ board.

What’s worse is that you don’t have many options as far as paying to repair termite damage. Despite the fact that termite damage affects more homes per year than fires, storms and earthquakes combined, insurance companies largely ignore these insects.

Ask yourself if you should be worried about the value and structural integrity of your San Diego County home; it could save you thousands.

How Can Mariners Pest Control Help Customers in La Mesa, CA?

We’re glad you asked! A timely inspection of your property, residential or commercial could be the dividing line between a close call and a disaster.

We’re served customers in San Diego County and throughout Southern California with our top-notch inspection, extermination, and repair services, to tremendous satisfaction.

See, after more than a decade in the industry, we’ve learned the ins and outs of the business. We’ve developed the expertise to provide solutions to our La Mesa customers that truly work. An inspection could save your home from the warpath of these destructive pests. Don’t wait; call our office at 888-945-2847 or fill out our simple online contact form to learn more about how Mariners Pest Control can get work on your infestation (or just a suspicion) today.

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