Free Termite Inspection For La Presa, CA Residents

What do you do when the first sign of termites arrive on your property? It’s most people’s instinct to panic in the face of damage, the extent of which is largely unknown.

You don’t have to worry; Mariners Pest Control has your back. We’ve served over 100,000 customers in the San Diego County area, delivering decisive and timely termite solutions in their times of most need.

For our customers in La Presa and all throughout Southern California, we spare no expense to free them from the clutches of these wood-destroying pests, because we know what that relief means to home owners who finally get rid of them.

What Is Our La Presa Inspection Protocol?

When you call Mariners Pest Control to come out and inspect the property around your home or office, we’ll look thoroughly for EVERY sign of the beginnings of an infestation, even the ones that other companies would miss:

Things like discarded wings, which can signal the presence of swarmers on your property, and mud tubes around your property and in your construction joints. The tricky thing about termite damage is that many times it can lie just below the service. We’ve seen situations where people didn’t know they had an infestation until they bumped a baseboard with the edge of the vacuum and it crumbled.

What Do We Do When We Find Termites?

Simply put, we act fast to rid your home or office from the clutches of these pests, before they can inflict any excess damage to your property. Termites present an imminent threat of value drain from your La Presa home, and we respond with our top-notch extermination and repair services.

For a no-obligation, free inspection either by phone at 888-945-2847 or by filling out our simple contact form. You have nothing to lose!

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