Free Termite Inspection Services in National City, California!

There are a number of sure-fire signs that you have an infestation of termites present in your home, or at your office; termite mud tubes, mud in your construction joints and pinholes. The problem is that you might not be able to detect these signs, or even be on the look-out.

This is where the keen eye of an experienced inspector can help you. Mariners Pest Control has helped over 100,000 customers rid their properties of termites in National City and throughout Southern California since 2006. Our inspections are thorough, complete and best of all, free to our customers as a gesture of good faith!

Read on to see what else we can offer to our customers in the San Diego County area!

Expert Inspection, Extermination and Repair!

If we find signs of termites infesting the wood foundation, you won’t want to waste any time. We’ll get in there and assess the reach of the insect population, giving you a recommendation for the next steps.

Our loyal customers in National City have relied on us for timely extermination and repair services since 2006, and Mariners Pest Control has never let them down. Here’s how we can help after identifying active termites on your property.

  • Extermination: Using the latest is safe and localized termite control products, we free your property from termites, and you from anxiety.
  • Repair: While dry rot and wood damage repair is our specialty, we repair all substantial termite damage in and around your home or office.

Did you know that most insurance companies leave you uncovered in the event of damage from termites? Trusting a company like Mariners Pest Control an be the difference in your home being subject to thousands of dollars in damage and safety.

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