Need Free Termite Inspection in Poway, CA?

A small colony of termites can balloon into a huge population capable of causing a tremendous amount of damage in what seems like an instant. Next thing you, know, your home is under siege, and you feel like you have nowhere to turn.

Thankfully, you have Mariners Pest Control, Southern California’s industry leader in termite control inspections and solutions. We’ve helped over 100,000 satisfied customers in the San Diego County area, free their homes and offices from the grip of termites and we can help you too! Here’s how:

Top Notch Poway Termite Inspections

If you suspect that you have a termite problem, the first thing you’ll want to do is call Mariners Pest Control and schedule an inspection. Our pest control experts will come out to the site of the problem and do a thorough inspection of the property around your home or office, looking for things like:

  • Termite pinholes
  • Mud tubes and mud accumulation in your construction joints
  • Discarded wings and other evidence of swarmers

Maybe you haven’t noticed anything strange around your property. The truth is, our inspectors are highly trained in spotting termites on your San Diego County property. Wouldn’t you rather get peace of mind from the industry experts?

Saving Your Poway Home From Termites

Each year, termites damage more homes than floods, fires and earthquakes combined and more than likely, your insurance company won’t cover termite damage, no matter what the circumstances are.

Luckily, Mariners Pest Control has your back with our expert extermination and repair services. As soon as we find an infestation, we go right into damage control mode, saving the value of your family’s home.

For a free inspection, call our office at 888-945-2847 or go online and fill out our easy contact form today! You won’t be sorry you did!

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