The world has over 3,500 cockroach species. Oriental, American, and German are the most common. The American cockroaches are black and large. German cockroaches on the other hand are brown and smaller. Oriental cockroaches are dark brown to black and medium sized.

Since these pests eat a variety of foods including rotting garbage, it is highly believed that they widely spread several diseases to humans including gastroenteritis and salmonella. According to recent studies, cockroaches can also bring with them allergies. Cockroaches can be reservoirs of an array of bacteria including streptococcus, staphylococcus, and salmonella. A cockroach can also host several viruses like the polio virus.

Similar to a housefly, cockroaches can consume virtually anything in your home from faucal matter to food spills on the kitchen floor. Ingested bacteria can live in a cockroach’s digestive system, sometimes for months if not years and go passed in its droppings. These stubborn pests can defecate or vomit on food. According to some research, they transmit diseases to humans when humans consume food that is contaminated by the cockroaches. It is therefore very important to observe high hygiene levels in and around your home.

You can combat cockroach infestation through a combination of insecticides and excellent hygiene practices.

Here are some of the problems cockroach infestation can cause:

Environment contamination

The tiny buggers can contaminate your home environment by leaving bacteria and dropping scattered around your home. They can also leave antibiotic-resistant strains. The bacteria left behind such as salmonella can cause problems such as food poisoning.


Cockroaches can leave behind small parts of their body, which can settle in your home’s dust. The ‘cockroach allergens’ are known as the main contributors to breathing problems such as asthma and allergies. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology holds that one might be suffering from a roach allergy if he or she has a stuffy nose that does not seem to fade away. Roach allergies are also characterized by a skin rash or year round respiratory symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing, and coughing.

Invasion of body parts

Roaches have the power to not only invade your home but also some parts of your body. Several cases of them entering the nose and ear while someone is sleeping exist. Tiny cockroaches can readily enter your body orifices if you are in deep sleep.

Cockroach bites

Some cockroach species have been discovered to bite humans. Such cases are rare. Nonetheless, if your home or house is heavily infested with these tiny pests, then you ought to be very careful since they nibble on toes, fingernails, or even soft parts if your skin thus causing wounds.

Food poisoning

In an epidemic outbreak of food poisoning, it was discovered that the incidences of some new cases abruptly dropped after elimination of cockroach infestation. This insect also hosts bacterium Salmonella that can cause food poisoning and typhoid.


One of the worst enemies of asthmatic people are cockroaches. Asthma attack incidences might escalate if your house is infested with cockroaches. Cockroach allergens can be the cause of serious complications that can turn out to be life threatening. People that are not asthmatic might develop asthma related to cockroaches through inhaling cockroach allergens.

Do the following to keep your house cockroach free:

  • Maintain high hygiene levels
  • Always clean food preparation area before going to sleep
  • Regularly empty the dustbin in your kitchen
  • Prevent food contamination by avoiding leaving food open at night
  • Refrain from keeping old magazines, books and newspapers stacked openly
  • Keep cockroach sprays handy


Cockroaches are a bummer in any way you view them. The good thing is that you are bigger and brainier. With perseverance and little information, you can surely kick the roaches out of your home. Always remember that with cockroaches, it is never too late to take action.

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