Common Pest and Pest Control Myths

Pests are a nuisance and frustrating. People tend to dismiss them without trying to learn more about them. Trying to prevent and control pests has been significant activity, and there has been a ton of information and stories concerning this matter. This ends up putting people in a state of confusion. There have been endless myths concerning pests and pest control. Below are some of the common pest myths and the facts:

You cannot have bugs if your house is clean

It is true that having a clean house minimizes the chances of pest infestation, but that does not mean that your home is now immune or free from pest problems. Bed bugs, to be precise, are mostly attracted to warmth, and blood which is their source of food. This shows that no matter how clean your house is, it will always be attractive to bugs as long as there are humans or animals for them to feed on.

Keeping your home clean, however, helps you to identify an infestation faster than when there is stuff cluttered everywhere. Also, it ensures that there is no food source available for other pests that do not feed on blood. Keeping your home clean should not give you a reason to ignore other issues.

When you are stung by a bee, you are safe since it cannot hurt you again

It is said that most bee species die after stinging. However, this does not mean that you are after being stung. Some types of bees can sting multiple times. The worst of them all is the wasp as it has an unlimited number of stings. Also, once you are stung by a bee, it injects a substance known as a pheromone, and it can attract more bees to attack you. When a single bee hurts you, you should run for safety to avoid more damages and do not assume that you are safe.

You do not have to worry about rodents if you have a cat

This is one of the things that most people tend to believe. They think that cats are a perfect rodent control measure in their home and they can rest as the cat will chase the rodents away. Although most cats are rodents’ eaters, domesticated cats are not good hunters. Even if you find that your cat is capable of tracking mice and killing them from time to time, you should not be confident that you are now safe from an infestation. Ensure to put up other rodents prevention measures for guaranteed results.

If your neighbors fumigate their homes, it will drive more pests to your home

Most people believe that when the neighboring houses are fumigated, those pests will migrate to their homes. This is a myth since most sprays are designed to not only chase the pests but to kill them. Most of the pests do not make it out of the sprayed homes alive. If your neighbor treated his/her home, it is an excellent idea to have your home checked as the fumigation means that there will be an increased number of insects, rodents and other pests in the neighborhood.

You are safe if you do not see any signs of pests

Many people ignore the possibilities of having an infestation just because they do not see any signs of pests around. This is not true since some pests such as carpenter ants and termites can be hard to find and before you know it, they have already caused massive damages to your property. The most effective way of pest control is recognizing an infestation before it gets out of hand. You should not wait to see apparent signs. Have a professional carry out an inspection regularly as professionals have the means of recognizing signs that you might not find on your own.

Daddy longlegs are the most dangerous spiders

Many people judge these creatures based on their appearance. They are feared and believed to be poisonous, but the fact is the spiders are not harmful at all. They are not actual spiders as they have a different body shape and have only a single pair of eyes. They do not have fangs contrary to most individual’s belief that they have fangs that cannot penetrate the human skin.

Getting these facts right helps you know the right prevention measures; what to do and what you should avoid. Following myths can be misleading and could end up worsening the pest situation for you.

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