What kind of house is likely to be infested by termites? This is a question many homeowners tend to ask. It doesn’t matter what material your home is made of, whether it is timber, brick, or any other material. For this reason, all homeowners need to have a professional to conduct regular inspections to ensure the home is free from termites that may cause massive damage. Detecting termites can be incredibly difficult since they hide in parts of the home that may not be easily seen or may be inaccessible.

Termite Inspection

When conducting an inspection in your home, the professional will start by examining the entry points to the home. He will look for signs of infestation such as termite mazes, termite wings, piles of frass, and mud shelter tubes among others. The professional will also tap on wooden areas of your home and listen for hollow sounds which may be a sign of damage caused by termites. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will give you a report stating whether or not you have termites in your home and recommend an action that should be taken. The termite treatment method will solely depend on the size of termite infestation the inspector finds and that will determine the cost you will incur.

Termite Destructiveness

Termites are very destructive and threaten your safety. Each type of termite has its ways of eating away your home. Dry wood termites will attack from outside and travel in swarms while the subterranean termites burrow below the foundation and attack your house from inside.

How frequent to get a termite inspection

Termite inspections not only keep your home safe but it also ensures the home is well maintained and does not lose it value. Most of the home inspections conducted when purchasing a home include a termite inspection. You should, however, note that the initial clearance from termites will not keep them away forever, and you should conduct regular inspections so as to keep them away.

You should have an inspector at least once a year to check for termites and any damages that they may have caused. The inspector will check both the exterior and interior of the home including the crawlspaces and basements. Once the annual inspection is completed, you and the inspector will review the finding and implement any preventive measures that he may recommend or carry out a treatment if he finds termites. Conducting routine termite inspections will ensure your home stay free of termites for years to come and save you on the cost of repairs done on damages. Remember that there is no permanent solution that will keep termites away so, the only solution is regular inspections.

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