One of the things that you are likely to note once the winter season knocks is lack of flying insects like flies and mosquitoes. Such pests are commonly associated with the warm weather where they enjoy their outdoor activities and become a nuisance. However, lack of the little flying creatures does not mean that your home is now free from pests.

Like you were used to seeing flies and other insects flying during the summer, other pests like rodents, cockroaches, and spiders will be crawling under rocks and other items during winter as they try to look for a warm habitat. They find homes to be convenient and cozy for the climate, and if you are not cautious, these pests will attack your home, and before you know it, you will be dealing with an uncontrollable number of pests in your home.

These pests are dangerous, and they are known for posing health risks and other losses once they attack a place. For example, rodents chew stuff, and they could end up eating your valuable items if you are not careful. They are also known for chewing electrical cables which could result in electric fire leading to massive destruction. Moreover, rodents cause disease like Hantavirus. Other pests like spiders might be poisonous once they bite. Cockroaches come along with bacteria, allergies, and asthma and therefore these pests are nothing but a disaster.

It is wise if you take steps to keep them off, rather than waiting until you notice the signs that you already have them for you to start taking steps to get rid of them. Home proofing ensures that they do not get to your home at all, and this could save you a lot of time and cost of eliminating them. Here are some tips that will help you pest-proof your home during winter;

Mind cracks and gaps

A hole with a width of as little as a quarter an inch is big enough to allow mice to get in your home. Now you can imagine what kind of a hole a small creature like spider or cockroach will need to access entry. To avoid the nuisance intruders, check for holes and cracks. The most common areas to start with include garages, windows, doors and crawl spaces. Ensure that the rubber on your garage door is not cracked; the doors are well fit without spaces. Put screens on your doors and windows to make sure you do not leave any chances.

Screen your chimney

Chimneys are a perfect place where birds make their nests. Birds’ nests come with pests that live in them. They also offer entry for the pests to get in your house. Make sure to remove any nests and screen them to close the entrances.

Keep plants and landscaping away from the home

Pests love it when there are bushes and other plantations near your home so that they can get a hideout. Make sure to keep the trees branches, shrubs, and plants trimmed as it is an efficient way to keep pests away. Also, ensure to trim the trees in a way that they do not reach your roof as roofs are convenient way for letting rodents to your house

Keep the crawlspaces dry

Rodents and insects are attracted to places they can find food and water. Keeping the garage and crawl areas dry will help keep them away as they look for alternative sites to get water.

Keep the food preparation and storage areas clean

When you leave food crumbs scattered all over after serving or leave undone dishes in the sink after meals, you will be inviting the pests by offering them food. Also, when storing and packing, your food ensure there are no spills by cleaning up the area regularly. It is also recommendable that you store dry foods in airtight containers to avoid attracting the pests by food aromas.

Inspect items while shopping

You can give the pests a ride to your home unknowingly. While shopping for holiday decorations and gifts, check the boxes to make sure pests like spiders do not crawl into them. Once you have unpacked the gifts, do not keep the boxes in the house, instead, dispose them off immediately.

Winter comes along with stress and damages resulting from wind, frost, and snow. Having an additional problem of having to deal with pests is something that nobody would wish to experience. Following these tips will help you primarily to ensure you have a peaceful winter without intruders. These are the DIY tips that require a little work, and you are good to go. You can also contact a professional to inspect if there are any pest infestation possibilities before the season starts and offer you with more tips to keep them away.

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