Head-up California termites warms are spreading. Ask Mariners Pest Control and the 100’s of calls they get a month from cities like, Long Beach, San Diego, Crestline, Hemet, Irvine, Anaheim, Los Angeles and more. If your on the bandwagon of believers in Global Warming, get ready for the rise of the termite army coming to you city.

With the increasing changes in rainfall and more hotter temperatures.

Termites already account for over $5 billion dollars worth of damage a year in the U.S. alone, and with increasing temperatures that cost is likely to increase to much much more.

Termites are drawn to moisture. The good news is that high temperatures may keep California’s termite populations down. Down lay your head down peacefully at night just yet homeowners. termites are still a huge threat to your home.

According to Nathan Symons, of Mariners Pest Control, “You still need to be careful. many California homeowners are putting down mulch to conserve water. FYI: Keep mulch away from your foundation. Water gets trapped inside the mulch (rainfall, moisture) and it’s a resort for termites, while they make their way into your home. The warm weather California is experiencing has unusually increased termite swarms. How do we know this? Our phone have lit up with frantic calls of suspected termite invasions.” Says, Mr. Symons.

There are three types of termites that are currently active in Southern California —dampwood termites, drywood termites and subterranean termites.

Dampwood termites, which require wet or moist wood, can be found anywhere in California, mostly along coastal areas. California having plenty of beach cities is a haven for these wood destroying pests. Cities like Newport Beach, CA., Redondo Beach, CA., Hermosa Beach, CA., Laguna Beach, CA., Seal Beach, CA., and other cute, coastal cities are big targets for termites. These termites attack dry wood, (dead trees and fencing to structural timbers and furniture).

Subterranean termites, common throughout California, live in wood that has contact with the soil, such as fallen trees, or the structural wood in our buildings.

Western Subterranean Termites is the most destructive termite in California, according to the University of California Statewide IPM Program, due to the huge colonies it forms.

Termite complaints are on the rise SoCal, warm weather has triggered termites to swarm.

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