Tell the difference termites vs. flying ants

TERMITES Vs. FLYING ANTS – Telling The Difference

flying ants vs. termites

Find out how to tell the difference between flying ants vs termites.

Need help determining whether those annoying insects are termites vs. flying ants?  In Southern California, ants are common in the foundation of homes. Flying ants are annoying, but none-the-less harmless. easily treated and not a huge threat.

Termites, however, are not harmless. The are considered wood destroying organisms, causing costly structural damage.

It’s easy for a homeowner to mistake termites for flying ants. This article will help you to distinguish between the two.

Flying ants have bent antennae, two pairs of wings, one wing smaller than the other, wings with few well-defined veins, pinched waists and long legs. **Cringe**.

Termites have straight antennae, two pairs of wings of the same length, a broad waist and short legs.

Termites can be found in tree stumps, mulch, dead trees and anywhere where there is wood.

Flying ants on the other hand can be found in hollow porch posts, wood siding, and flooring.

Flying ants can cause damage to a home but not like termites would. Termites can cause costly damage to the structure of a home.

If you suspect termites, contacting a pest control professional is absolutely essential. Time is NOT on your side. You may want to consider signing up for a protective plan that will ensure you home is free and clear of termites. Its way cheaper than treating a possible termite infestation.

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Hopefully this article has helped you to determine whether you suspect you may have flying ants or termites.  But don’t guess, let the professionals handle this.

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