It may seem like you can rest easy and be pest-free during California winters, but that’s not true. There are different steps you need to take to keep the heat in and the pests out of your home. During the winter in California, you’ll be free of bees, mosquitoes, and flies, but other pests, such as mice, spiders, and cockroaches are still around, looking for a warm place to call home. These pests can be more of a hassle and hazard than you realize. Rodents are not only nuisances, but they are also known for carrying disease. Spiders have a scary appearance and can bite, leaving you to deal with some frustrating side effects. Cockroaches are some of the most unwanted pests in a home and they can trigger your allergies and asthma. To keep your home cozy and the pests and other unwanted guests out of your home, there are a variety of steps you can follow.

Seal Cracks, Crevices, and Holes

More than likely, the outside of your home contains cracks, crevices, and holes that allow pests into your home. Sealing these cracks can help prevent the intrusion of rodents, spiders, and cockroaches. Many pests are small and it allows them to fit into pipes that lead from the outside to the inside of your home. Surprisingly, a healthy mouse can fit through an opening that’s the size of a dime.

Keep a Home Maintenance Routine

Keeping a regular home maintenance routine helps prevent the intrusion of pests. Rodents and other animals enter your home through the basement foundation and the windows. Deteriorating weather stripping and loose mortar are different ways these pests make their way into your home.

Maintain Your Surroundings

It’s important to maintain your surroundings, especially firewood. If you use firewood, store it at least 20 feet from your home. Ants and mice use firewood to make their nests and it’s always an entryway for them to enter your home.

Clean and Inspect Storage Areas

Keep your storage areas neat and clean. Pests enjoy hiding in clutter because they can use old newspapers and other items to make a nest for their babies and keep warm during the winter. Boxes should be stored on tables or shelves and not on the floor. Keep your storage area organized so pests don’t have many places to hide.

Eliminate Moisture

Moisture can enter your home through clogged drains or leaking pipes. Moisture is not only the perfect breeding ground for mold, but it is also a calling card for cockroaches. Make sure the faucets in your home are repaired promptly and regularly maintained.

Make the Necessary Installations and Repairs

Invest in door sweeps and make repairs involving screens and windows. You’d be surprised at the different ways rodents and other pests can enter your home and wreak havoc. Make sure you screen chimney vents and keep crawl spaces, attics, and basements properly ventilated and dry.

Take the Necessary Precautions Before Winter

Before the warm summer breeze blows for the last time in California and winter sets in, take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your home from rodents and pests. Clean your home inside and out, and don’t forget to weatherproof certain items. Lawnmowers and similar items can be covered with plastic to keep them from rusting and pests from destroying them. Mice enjoy chewing through wires and destroying your property like other pests, such as termites. Set out items around your home pests are not fond of, such as mothballs or different scents, , such as lilac, lavender, and lemon. Tee tree oil will also keep pests away.

Seeking Professional Help

Sometimes setting traps or making DIY contraptions aren’t the best idea. Mariners Pest Control can help prevent infestations and damage to your home. If you’re not fond of using bait, pest removal professionals have different humane ways of removing pests from your home.

When winter comes, it’s hard enough dealing with cold temperatures. You don’t have to let pests ruin your home and your winter. Use these tips to keep your home rodent and pest-free all winter.

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