Termites are also known as the silent invaders. This is because they are hard to see and recognize when they infest a place. They live in colonies underneath your property, and when the ground unfreezes, they emerge and enter your structure through breaks and cracks in the foundation. This wood destroying pests are responsible for the destruction of over $5 billion worth property every year.

As a homeowner, you may have termites unknowingly eating away inside your home walls and damaging other significant investments. There is a vast range of signs that termites have invaded your property. Be aware of the following signs, but you should also note that the absence of the signs below does not guarantee that your property is termite-free.

Presence of mud tunnels

You will notice mad tubes or mud tunnels that are about the size of the width of the pencil. They are likely to be seen along the exterior or interior walls. Termites build mud tunnels to get a way to travel from the nest to their food source which is typically any wood around your home.

The thought of termite infestation can be unsettling, and chances are, you never thought that the problem existed. Termite infestation is not an issue that you should ignore since it can cause significant damages and the repair cost could be expensive.

Termite control can be a do it yourself problem, but at some point, you have to get help. If you realize the issue early enough, you can take the control measures required to prevent it but if the infestation has already occurred, contact a pest management professional to treat your structure. Termites hide inside walls, and that should be your starting point to getting rid of them.

Hollowed-out wood

This is the second most visible sign of a termite infestation. When doing an inspection around your home, you will discover that some wooden sections when you tap on, they sound hollowed up. This is because termites eat wood from the inside out thus if you see this sign, you should investigate further for any possible damage. If it is determined that termites are to be blamed for the damage; you must do a replacement and have a pest management professional to perform a complete termite treatment. If you discover there are termites in your structure, have monitors installed around the perimeter of your home to alert you of any further termite activity.

Discarded wings

This is also a first tip-off that you might be heading to a problem of termites. The discarded wings come from swarmers that drop and leave wings behind. These pests usually swarm during spring and fall. You can find the discarded wings near doors, closed windows and other house access points. If you notice a swarm of insects or a group of discarded wings, it is wise if you call a specialist for an inspection.

Structural damage

Swarming dry wood termites can get to your house through small openings, and you should, therefore, monitor and seal any cracks on the walls, vents, windows and home foundation. You may see sagging floors, cracks on walls and ceiling, buckling wood all of which are signs and evidence that you already have a termite infestation in your structure. At times, you may confuse termite damage with water damage and take the matter lightly but if you notice any of the structural destruction signs, dig deep into the issue and find out if the pests have attacked you.

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